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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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glad that you hear, have election day the polls are still open for about another 30 minutes ll a big night for john kasich, he needs a win to stay in the race as suzanne stratford is angry at their heels to celebrate the victory later on tonight. >> have to be celebrating, donald trump, is to procrastination as he says that the launch of that the governor is called about the ohio primary to win the state .
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westerville and talk to reporters says he does not pay much attention to the polls that have been in a dead heat and not much attention to some of the twitter fare and attacks by donald trump . kasich says he will stick to his race one at a time and confident that he will win by the end of today and. >> going to win because of the record and the highlands projectbe name-calling and mudslinging and everything else , we're going to be fine. >> he hoped for crossover voters , and this largely democratic area, . he hopes that it'll help them to continue his bid for the white house.e
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>> with donald trump . lou maglio joins us with the latest from the trunk campaign. >> as a result of the ohio race so close setlt last two days that he can to squeeze out a victory ic like this rally at the airport last night and vmm a last-ditch attempt to make some noise that sounded as a democratic stronghold stronghold but trouble they seek appeal to crossover voters to vote for him b i asked him some questions after the event and he admitted that winning ohio would be huge. >> winning ohio be so important that these are great and you see the enthusiasm for this crowd in ohio and florida is it over? >> if i win ohio and ohio and florida and it sort of got a big lead, and went to see what
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tired i guess . about kasich voted in favor of nafta into the businesses out of ohio that was was devastating for ohio canal, this is going to be worsetna visitor car industry and the rest of your steel industrytr most of it is gone already. >> trent mays to win the ad could go to a contested convention asked if he is concerned and he said not at all . >> ohio is a key state for the democratsts the polls favor hillary clinton, bernie sanders home for another upset like last week in michigan aser liz reed joins us with the santos campaign . here at the bernie sanders watch party to start and 30 minutes but people already waiting
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to come in . bernie sanders has potential to upset hillary tuesday when i sat down for a one-on-one fight in toledo he trade deals that gave him the victorypppp in ohioans will show up integrate its fresh this fresh from his recent court victory who were 18 by the november election to vote in the primary,, larger turnout is key to his campaign is very popular among young voters and supporters were doing some last-minute canvassing knocking door-to-door to get out the word.or >> is no way of telling for sure . but say after several days of al going door-to-door bernie sanders has a good chance, people are, for him are very
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and so let's hopeth. >> at the bernie sanders watch party here, it would have some speakers and offering some snacks for people . bernie sanders himself untold will be in phoenix watchingf the election results at a rally there. >> with the primer expected to come down tonight between trump and kasich the others focusing another state, marco rubio in his home state of florida. >> are going to offer them hope tomorrow.. >> many believe that marco rubio must carry florida . meantime, his colleague in the senate ted
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delegates john kasich wends ohio , santa cruz would still have second-place. >> only two candidates who have a path to the nomination, donald trump and myself. >> to the nomination takes 1237 delegates . i've got 370 and he hase 90 more than i do . everybody else is way behind. >> so here is the current republican delegate count, and to the primary donald trump has delayed over ted cruz marco rubio and third and the candidates to head the number of 1237 . stay with us for real-time results .s you have all of the reaction of fox 8 news
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>> . there is more rainfall early tomorrow better chance of some sunshine . you like some fog in fox 8 studios we had 40 is currently topping 48 . further south and west away from the leg was mid to upper 50s . dayton cincinnati columbus got lots of sunshine it was very warm in southern illinois, indiana andd kentucky, tennessee, looking at the showers for most of us after 4:00 a.m. ..
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thunderer, partly sunny midday the chance of a few random showersny for some cooler air aloft . this is very wide 7,110th inch . your 50 tonight . another looking for help to solve the murder of her 15-year-old son was shot and killed and eight burger king parking lot last year the shooting happened in the afternoon detectives say
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the parking lot when the suspect began shooting the rest of the maid, she is devastated over his death and in asking anybody with information to come forward.nd >> just want to say that just imagine your baby being killed . and young people saw this . you want to help so please help us. >> don't know if he was the target or that was random and he was in the path of the bullet. >> crimestoppers offers a reward for any tips that lead to an arrest .. soon salo tried to her hitman to kill two people including a central girl got a tip a tip that sits when on your deborah matz was looking for hitmansy survey set up a stained, but i met her outside a walmart where she gave himh a thousand dollars down payment then she was arrested, they say that she confessed claims that her target
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>> is not required what the invocation was with both of them . but she was angry, she wanted these two people to disappear . and she had the money to do it . they say that she has a long criminal record including threats of violence and the like is due in court tomorrow,w, arson investigators try to determine who keep setting fire to cars in forest hills neighborhood six were forced this morning they say that this is the third time it's happeneded the police are reviewing surveillance video to try to identify the suspect if you have information you should contact the person unit . panic at the polls, at one clip of voting location that at one man
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however are the big prize on this third super tuesday voters in three other states are also cast their ballots as mentioned earliere marco rubio hopes to land in florida shows him trailing donald trump, marco rubio has vowed to keep fighting and has scheduled events in several statesa, ted cruz expected to perform well in north carolina, hillary clinton expects to win florida and north carolina bernie sanders a slight favorite in missouri . aside from the primary there's another key racede
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, to the gettyty running for reelection facing tough challenge from a fellow democrat as dave nethers is more. >> to the getty run for reelection opposed by michael malley, listed among his publishers he hired more minorities and women and targeted financial repeat offenders and a task force to prosecute hundreds of great cases, michael malley to restore integrity to address a it justice system he says a broken or lost the confidence of the community, . the heaven of the two cases of michael brelo and tamir rice could decide that says they debated those earlier this year. >> he dodged questions of what he would have done in the tamir rice case that he have indicted
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question viewhe have taken that to the grand jury to mark just answer the question if he would've charged in the real case. >> don't have the facts that he has at his disposal . but i can tell you i would have fairly and impartiallyi pursuant to the laws of criminal procedure to present his case to the grand jury. >> there are no republicans in the race,, both are running without the endorsement of the democratic partynn. >> stay with us for complete coverage of the primary elections e for real-time results at fox as soon as they start rolling in .f some scary moments on the westside today they say elections worker got angry and pulled out a guny,
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an argument with workers at the polling place . one of the workers spoke with lorrie taylor told her that he became angry after being corrected over how he dealt with a voter. >> was talking to a coworker ends so that someone is going to die today .t and each day he h showed two handguns, i was terrified . . i do not know what to do . there are about 40 people in the room. >> he was terminated is he has a prior conviction for sexual positioner they said they did not do a background check on their 6,000 workers all of whom are temporary employees . white
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poetic ties with cuba as obamae prepares for his visit to havana fly to the capitol on thursday and today is denouncing its easy travel and trade restrictions with cuba make it easier for workers to travel for educational purposes and also help american banks offer more services in cubae and for us business to operate more freely . francis made it official, that mother teresa will be canonized as a saint . the man from india care for the poor and sick in calcutta india, .he pope francis attributed a second miracle to her, the pope will have
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in rush hour, a few showers . let santa know is has been rather cloudy . farther south and west it is a different story .ou the average high temperature is 46 is still above normal . st. patrick's day looks like some showers and spring arrives e sunday . hi hopkins today was 56 .h see the different temperatures as you head south . because
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akron-canton . we tried to get some breaks in the clouds first half of tonight . more activity slim chance of thunder . there may be a straight afternoon shower, as it into st. patrick's day . a few scattered showers but not called
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507-inchl tomorrow . winds gusting up to 35 special across / across the western third of the statea tomorrow 60 richmond david hall into the '50s and then because these gusty winds that advisories take effect for ottawa, sandusky's, wind and crawford county from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. . few showers that too shabby of a forecast . then friday, rain and snow . q. pretty quiet esprit makes its arrival on sunday and then upper 30s monday . wednesday temperatures back into the 60s
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it will spend hundred thousand dollars and two secondse all he needed was is eyes and arms was in the right place at the wrong time for three escaped inmates were heading oute he recognized the events we play down the police cruiser in putting them outen they were arrested and today he collected 1,000-dollar reward . >> kayakers in hot water for quit over a waterfall . this is in was in kentucky, the video
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park rangers who tracked him
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